How To Use Chromecast Audio To Fill Your Home With Music

Google Chromecast Audio available at Best Buy. Fill your home with music.

This is a Best Buy sponsored post. 

Want to fill your home with music, but don’t want to invest in a new speaker system? If you have speakers and portable speakers in your home, you can use the Chromecast Audio to fill your home with music. It’s so easy too.

Chromecast Audio connected to a bluetooth speaker. Chromecast Audio available at Best Buy.

Why Chromecast Audio

Why would you want Chromecast Audio instead of new speakers? There are several reasons.

  • Each Chromecast Audio is less expensive than a new speaker.
  • You can use your existing speakers.
  • Because the Chromecast Audio connects using WiFi and not Bluetooth, you get crystal clear sound.
  • You can play music from your phone (apps or music on the phone) to speakers wirelessly. You don’t need Bluetooth speakers.
  • Fill all your rooms with music from your phone.

Installing Chromecast Audio

I’ll walk you through the process. First you will need more than one Chromecast Audio. You can get it at Best Buy.

Chromecast Audio available at Best Buy.

You will need something to plug the Chromeast Audio into. It supports RCA, 3mm and optical.


This is how it comes packaged.


First, plug the cords in. The yellow cord connects to the Chromecast Audio and the speaker. The black cord is for the power and connects to the Chromecast Audio and an outlet.

You will need to download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store (search for Chromecast Audio).

Go to your WiFi settings and connect to the Chromecast Audio you are pairing. Then open the app and follow the directions for pairing. Do this for each Chromecast Audio you have. I name mine with the room where they are i.e. office, family room, etc.

Now the fun begins. Create a group. Click on the three dots on one of the Chromecasts and you’ll get the pop-up you see below. Click on Create group.

Create a group for Chromecast Audio

Then add each Chromecast Audio you want in that group.

Create a group for Chromecast Audio

Now, when you go to play something, you’ll see the cast button in the upper right.

Click the cast button

And you’ll have the choice to cast to a group or individual Chromecasts.

Create a group for Chromecast Audio

Now you should hear the sound in all the speakers you chose in your group. You could add your entire house and have music playing in every corner. That would be great for parties.

Will you be adding the Chromecast Audio to your home?

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