This past week has been a much-needed break for me. Not quite the beach vacation I’d like, but it helped recharge me.

recharge on the water

Started my mini break with a boat ride. Need to recharge a bit on the water.

Semi Unplugging

I did take all my gadgets with me, but I didn’t do much work. I worked on a class I had bought months ago about productivity and I spent one day in my hotel room working on it and it was AWESOME. I’ll share it in another post after I start putting some of the skills to work.

The only time I completely give up my gadgets is on a cruise. And then, it’s just on the boat. But, what I did do, was turn off all the pings, sounds, notifications on my phone and laptop. I only got the important ones.

Beautiful hotel chandelier

Beautiful hotel chandelier

I only went on social media when I had down time where I was waiting or bored. I didn’t watch the news or much TV at all. I didn’t even read news stories. Nothing that was going to piss me off.

And you know what? It’s been awesome. I saw something on Facebook last night about some big brew-ha-ha that happened this week. I don’t know what, but a few people were saying this was the worst week on social media (worse than election week.) I’m so glad I missed it!


I’m also learning to overcome my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.) Sometimes missing out is good. I can only handle so much and I need to keep it positive. The negative gets me down too much. It really affects me even if it’s just people complaining. I can’t seem to let it go.

Sunset over the city

Sunset over the city. (Taken with my iPhone 7 Plus)

I need to keep it postive. 

What do you do to keep it postive? Let me know in the comments below.