The Continuing Saga of My Chronic Pancreatitis

Several years ago, I wrote out my entire pancreatic story. I haven’t updated it in a long time. To make a very long story short, I’ve been on meds that, for the most part, worked for many years.

Now, I’m at a point where some of the meds do help (I know if I’ve missed a few days), but I’m still in pain 80% of the time. The pattern is:

  • Pain ok for a while….
  • Pain gets worse slowly….
  • End up in ER, on pain meds for a week…
  • Pain goes away….for a month or two….
  • and rinse and repeat.

The problem now is that the time between ER visits was slowly getting narrower and narrower.

Michele in the ER with chronic pancreatitis.

I have seen the inside of so many ERs. One thing I can say, is that they have gotten much more efficient over the years.

I’m so tired of trying new meds (additional meds), to only have them not work. This last round of “trying meds,” I just gave up and didn’t bother calling the doctor to let him know that med #2 wasn’t working either.

Pain Management Doctor

Last month, I went to see a pain management doctor. He is now monitoring my pain meds to keep me out of the hospital. Our goal now is to keep me out of the ER.

I never thought a goal of mine would be to “stay out of the ER.”

I hate the pain meds, but I hate the pain even more. I struggle through the days and take the pain meds at night.

On the really bad days, I have to take pain meds during the day.

Things I Can’t Have

Absolutely NO alcohol. It’s the worst. I don’t drink a lot, but I really do enjoy having a glass of wine once in a while or my go-to “Grey Goose & tonic with lime,” once in a while. No more.

Nothing spicy or fried. I can do without spicy, so I’m not mad about that. Fried…I can do without that too since I can bake things to make them seem fried.

Going out for dinner will often do it. I’ll be very careful about what I eat and still BAM…pain!

Fats…even good fats! For as long as I remember, I’ve felt better overall with lower carbs, but my pancreas doesn’t.

Nuts are bad…..

Popcorn is bad….

Greasy food is bad.….

Things I Can Have

Anything that tastes bland! Clear liquid diet is best. But I can’t survive on that.

My lunch today consisted of chicken broth and mashed potatoes.

Water…lots of water!

I hate having chronic pancreatitis, but I’m making the best of it. I’m working on losing weight hoping that will help some. (Not sure if it will, but it can’t hurt!)

Anyone else have chronic pancreatitis? Any ideas on what I can do for pain? Any great recipes for bland food that tastes good? (oxymoron)

Let me know what you thought!!

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