bSafe LogoPersonal safety is very important to me, as I’m sure it is to you too. With so many gadget and gizmos taking our attention away from our surroundings, it is nice to see a service that promotes personal safety. bSafe by Bipper turns your smartphone into a personal safety device.


Why Do You Need a Personal Safety Device?

Maybe you are thinking you don’t walk in dark allies at night alone so why do you need a personal safety device? How about when you walk back to your car at the mall at 7:00 pm and it’s dark. You had to park miles away because it’s the holidays and everyone must go to the mall on a Monday night at 7:00 pm.

I have 2 older kids who walk to and from their friend’s house. I have given them all the speech about what to do “just in case,” but installing bSafe on their iPhones makes me feel even better. I have them open the app when they are walking home (even when with a friend.)

My philosophy is

Better safe than sorry.


Installing bSafe

bSafe is a free app and can be downloaded for the iPhone, Blackberry and/or Android device by:

  • Enter your phone number on this page ) and download via SMS
  • Search for bSafe using the iTunes or the Android Marketplace
  • Text bsafe to 84145

I have downloaded the bSafe iPhone app on both of my teenage kid’s phones and on my phone. It helps knowing there is an easy free option.

Created By A Mom

bSafe was created by Silje Vallestad because she wanted a safe mobile option for her own 3 kids.

bipper founderHere is Siljie being interviewed by Fox News and explaining how bSafe came to be.

bSafe Features

SOS button to push when you want to send your chosen contacts an SOS message with your location. I tell my kids that when they are walking alone (which is rare) or uncomfortable, just open the bSafe app so you can hit SOS if needed.

bSafe SOS button

bSafe will send a message with your current location to your “Guardians.”

bsafe location

Kids are sometimes in situations they are uncomfortable with and they don’t know how to get out of them. bSafe has a Fake Call option. Set it to call you in 5 seconds or up to 10 minutes.

bsafe face callPremium vSafe

Today, as I was writing my post, we had a situation where the premium version of bSafe would have come in handy. My daughter has bSafe on her phone, but I have not put the premium version on her phone yet. She didn’t come home on the bus. She told me that cheerleading was canceled so I was expecting her home. Usually she texts me if that changes…no text. I was worried. I tried calling her and texting her, but she was not near her phone, so she couldn’t hear it.

Fortunately, everything was ok and when my husband got to school she was there. But there was 30 minutes where I was very worried. I’m installing the premium version of bSafe today so I could have tracked her location and seen that she was at school. The premium version is $1.99/month or $14.99/year.

Let’s Talk About a Personal Safety Device!

Do you use a personal safety device? Do you talk to your children about being safe?

Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign with Bipper where I was paid for my time in evaluating and sharing bSafe. All opinions are my own.