pen ready project - olympus digital penMy camera is the most important gadget I have. It pulls together 3 of my 4 passions….technology, digital scrapbooking and family. I am always on the look out for new features and cameras that enhance my life.The Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 camera has definitely enhanced my life.

olympus pen camera

The Olympus Digital PEN comes in several different colors.

As part of the PEN READY Project, I have tested out the Olympus Digital PEN for about 2 months now. The best way for me to show you how well the camera works is to show you my pictures. All of the following pictures have not been through my typical Photoshop Elements process other than to make them smaller for my blog. I have not touched them up at all. Any filters you see are from the Olympus Digital PEN camera.

Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 Samples

First picture I took with my Olympus Digital Pen camera.

I received my camera the day before I got sick and ended up with pneumonia. The next month I spent at home with my kids taking turns being sick so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to take beautiful pictures of landscapes. But it did give me the opportunity to give the Olympus Digital PEN a real family workout. My home is where most of my pictures are taken.

Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 camera sample

My 10-year-old black lab, Kelsey hanging out on my bed with me. I love that I can see her features well. So many of the pictures with her are black blobs and you can't tell the difference between her nose & her fur.

Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 camera sample

Sunset taken through a window of my house. We have had some of the most beautiful sunsets recently.

Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 camera sample

Love this picture of my 7-year-old showing me a toy.

Olympus digital PEN camera

Taken from the plane coming into San Francisco.

This was taken while we were flying.

Olympus PEN

Another taken as we were coming in for a landing.

Olympus digital pen

Almost on the ground!

Olympus digital pen

This one I used the pin hole art filter that comes with the camera.

Olympus PEN Features

I’m really happy with the pictures that I’ve taken with the Olympus Digital PEN camera. I like that the camera also teaches you as you go and shows samples of the different settings in the scene mode. Instead of just having a portrait scene mode, you get a sample and written explanation of what the portrait mode is and when it’s best to use it.

If you prefer to take pictures in manual mode, there are a ton of settings you have control over. I am not good at manual mode which is why I love that this camera takes awesome shots in auto modes.

Olympus digital penolympus penolympus digital pen cameraThis camera is small enough and light enough to easily carry around with you. I have put it in my purse or laptop bag several times and it doesn’t add much weight. But the camera still gives you the option to add different lenses and a flash.

olympus digital penI have several cameras that I use for different situations. I have one that I keep in my purse all the time so I always have a good camera with me. The Olympus Digital PEN took awesome pictures of my son’s play and my daughters’ Nutcracker performance. I’m still taking it out with me often to see how the camera performs in different situations. I’m learning a lot about taking pictures when I use this camera also.

Disclosure: I received the Olympus Digital PEN E-PM1 camera as part of the PEN READY Project in exchange for uploading 20 photos to the PEN READY Project website. This review was not required, but I wanted to tell you all about the camera.

Let’s Talk About the Olympus Digital PEN Camera!

What do you think about the pictures? Have you seen the new Olympus PEN digital cameras?