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Tech Companies Supporting Women Should Be At BlogHer

I attended my first BlogHer in 2009 and I expected to see at least a few tech companies supporting women, but, I was disappointed. Last year in New York, there were a handful of tech companies. I felt it was worth my while, but I still wanted more. This year, BlogHer in San Diego had a good share of tech companies supporting women. BlogHer is all about supporting women and blogging, so I would expect…

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DaGeDar Toys
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DaGeDar Toys; The Trick To Make Them Fly #Spon

In case you are unsure, a DaGeDar is a new toy from the company that brought us the Zhu Zhu Pets. Before we get started, I want to give you some background on the DaGeDar. (Sponsored post. I received the DaGeDar toys in exchange for this post.) DaGeDar Background The DaGeDar, spirit-like entities, reside in Dimension 33 and are driven by their desire to race. The DaGeDar enter the Earth’s dimension to race so they…

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Nintendo 3DS Black
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Sick, But Saved by Nintendo 3DS and Lego Star Wars

So, what have I done for the last 3 days? I played Lego Star Wars on my Nintendo 3DS. I’ve mentioned before that I’m hooked on the Lego games, but I’ve never played one game for so long. I hate being sick. We’ve had some flu bug go through our house the last few weeks. It started with my 8-year-old, then my 6-year-old missed 2 of the last 4 days of school and now me….

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#Spon Meet the DaGeDar From the Makers of ZhuZhu Pets

Meet the new DaGeDar toys for boys by Cepia, the makers of the ZhuZhu Pets. When I played this video, my 8-year-old son came running into my office and just stood there staring at the screen, repeating, “WOW!” He was hooked and he hasn’t even seen the toy in person. New DaGeDar Collectable Toys These new DaGeDar toys have tracks you can build and small supercharged battle balls that race on the tracks. All the balls…

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Power Rangers Samurai emPOWER Your Kids To Do Good

If you have boys, then I’m sure you have seen Power Rangers. Power Rangers is back for a 19th season with an all new series, Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon (moved from Disney). My son is excited about the new series, but I’m excited about the new emPOWER movement launched along with the TV show. Before I get to the emPOWER movement, let’s talk about the show. Power Rangers Samurai, the Show Nicky, my 7…

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