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Your Friends Can Help Your Klout Score

Klout is a tool that can help you find others online who have the same interests as you or find those who are influencers in certain topics. Everyone is given a Klout Score based on your social networking use. Klout Score Topics of Influence Klout just added a new feature where you can give someone a +K in an area of expertise (or topic) if they influence you in that area. For example, you can…

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Daily Geek Find – Rapportive

I am always finding apps, online tools, software and other tidbits of geeky information that I think you will find helpful or at least interesting. I’ve been collecting this information in hopes that I will find the time to write up a lengthy review post some day. Well, guess what, I never find the time. Instead of letting all that awesome information collect dust in my mail folder, I’ve decided to start a “Daily Geek…

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Doing Disney Alone, Disney Social Media Moms Celebration #Spon

I did do Disney alone! I really went to Disney World (sponsored trip) and left my kids at home. I’m THAT Mom! But seriously, I was a bit worried that I might be bored or feel left out since most people going to the Disney event (#DisneySMMoms) were bringing their family. It turns out that Lisa, @WorkoutMommy, was going “sans kids” so she was my date. Cheryl, @CherylBudge, so graciously let Lisa & I share her…

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7 Free iPhone Apps I Use Daily

Since Verizon starting offering the iPhone, I’ve had a lot of questions about which iPhone apps I use. I realized that I don’t write much about my iPhone apps even though I am an app junkie. I look at the new apps in the store almost every night before I fall asleep (yes, I’m not kidding!)   So, here is my list of 11 iPhone apps that I use most days. I am not including…

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