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Bridesmaids Movie Girls Night In; Planning

Next week the Bridesmaids movie is coming out on DVD and in celebration, I am hosting a Girls Night In. We will be getting a sneak preview of the Bridesmaid movie DVD before it comes out on September 20, 2011. Perfect Bridesmaids Movie Party My idea of a perfect Bridesmaids movie party is one where I don’t have to do a lot of planning and we all have a blast. Have a party without planning?…

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Marie Callenders Roasted Garlic Chicken
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Healthy Lifestyle! Why Do It? #Spon

There are so many theories out there about what is and what isn’t healthy and why we should live a healthy lifestyle. My Healthy Lifestyle I live a healthy lifestyle because I want to be around for a few more years. I do it for me! Ok, I also life a healthy lifestyle because I have major digestive health issues and eating healthy foods keeps my stomach happy (in more ways than one.) Why should…

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Eating on the go
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My Eating On The Go Personal Stories #Spon

Eating on the go seems to be the norm for me lately. I’m either working or helping someone with some thing and the last thing on my mind is food. Well, I should rephrase that…I think about food all the time, but not about cooking it or preparing it, just eating it. We all have our own eating on the go personal stories I’m sure. Typical Busy Day A typical day for me starts with…

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