Preserving Memories

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My Life Remembered In Toyota Cars; #ToyotaWomen

Have you seen the new Connections Toyota commercial? Every time I see the Toyota commercial, I think back on my life. There were so many memories that I have that involved a Toyota. I have pictures of some of the Toyota cars from my past, but not all. Some of them are from way back in the olden days when we didn’t have digital cameras. So, here is my life remembered in Toyota cars… 1980…

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LiveOn Rewind email
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Use LiveOn Rewind To Scan Photos And Convert Video (Coupon Code)

Do you have photos in boxes and home videos on VHS (or maybe Beta) that need to be scan and converted? I have hundreds of pictures and many hours of video of my own and from my parents and grandparents all waiting to be digitized (love that word!) But I don’t have the time to do it. That is where LiveOn Rewind comes in. LiveOn Rewind will digitize your photos and videos and it’s a…

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Corolla and Camry TWIN Toyota
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So Excited To Be A TWIN!

You may have noticed an extra brand button in my sidebar. I am part of the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network known as TWIN. You all know that I only choose brands that I am passionate about. Toyota is definitely one of those brands. Being A TWIN Being a TWIN gives me the opportunity to share my personal experiences with the Toyota brand with you and with Toyota. The TWIN consists of 25 women and we take…

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Samsung booth CES 2012
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Samsung CES 2012; Pushing Boundaries

Samsung CES 2012 The Samsung CES 2012 booth. Samsung CES 2012 Press Conference I LOVED the Samsung CES 2012 press conference. It got me really excited about all their new products (and sad that I can not see them in person) Because it was such a spectacular s show and it’s on YouTube, so I’m including a link to the full press conference. Here is a 10 minute recap that includes the highlights.

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