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What’s Your ista? T-Shirts

I’m just going to get right to it. This is my Geek-ista t-shirt. So now you are thinking, “that’s great Michele for you, but I’m a fashionista.” That is what is so awesome about What’s your ista? No matter what your ista is, they have it or you can create it yourself. Your ista may be career, art, animals music, sports or anything else… What’s Your Ista? has a shirt for you or you can…

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25 Tech Companies Using Pinterest

I’ve have watched tech companies on Pinterest to see how they are telling their story through their boards on Pinterest for some time. I am very passionate about technology and digital storytelling, so when Pinterest showed up on the block, it was a match made in heaven. I also have a bit of a problem with collecting things and I love making vision boards which is perfect for Pinterest. I feel like Pinterest was created…

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Toyota has Top Spot in 5 Categories in Consumer Reports Auto Issue

It does not surprise me at all that Toyota has the top spot in 5 categories in the annual Consumer Reports auto issue. I have owned 10+ Toyota cars in my life and we kept coming back because of both safety and value. I’m going to go through each category and give you my own personal experience with the vehicle. My opinions are that of an older model in many cases, but I will give…

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Sunshine. It may seem obvious, but boy am I on cloud 9 when the sun is out. I notice it the most when we’ve had several days in a row where the sun don’t shine. I feel sluggish, depressed and generally unhappy. Then one day the sun shines and I feel like I could take on the world. 2. Vanilla and Chocolate Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. These are new finds. I have been hooked…

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How Orange Became My Favorite Color

I went through my entire life never really having a favorite color. I used to pretend it was pink or yellow or purple just because I really wanted a favorite color. My friends would be so passionate about a color and buy everything in that color. They always knew which crayon to pull out of the box first. When they went shopping, they knew exactly which shirt to try on first. I didn’t. Colors always…

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