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AT&T Mobile Safety School Info For Ages 8 Through 16

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m working on a campaign with AT&T and The Motherhood about mobile safety for kids of all ages. As a tech addict with 4 kids, this is a topic that is discussed in my house quite often. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but one of my goals of this blog is to show families how to use technology for good. You have to control the…

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Interactive 3D Cards Make Learning Fun for Kids #CypherKidsClub

Do you prefer to learn by hearing about something or by seeing something in action? I’m sure most of you chose seeing. That is the concept behind the 3D Interactive Cards by Cypher Entertainment. The augmented reality learning cards are for ages 3 and up. If your child is learning numbers and letters, they will love these. It’s a lot more fun than singing the alphabet song and that is also fun!! So how do…

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Safely Go for Android in Google Play
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Keep Eyes On The Road, Not Your Phone With Safely Go App

Do you answer calls or look at texts on your phone while driving? It is hard not to when you hear the ding or beep and you know you have a message. Even if you don’t look at it, you are distracted by the ding of the phone. Location Labs has created a free Android app, Safely Go, to keep you focused on what matters most. There are two ways this app can be used…….

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2012 Election apps for iOS & Android
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2012 Election Apps for iOS and Android

With the election coming up, I find myself tuning the commercials and news out because it’s difficult to keep track of the truth and the “not truths.” I prefer to find the information about the candidates myself from several sources myself. Here are apps for both iOS and Android that may help you keep up with the 2012 Election. Fifteen 2012 Election Apps for iOS View this SkinnyScoop List   Fifteen 2012 Election Apps for…

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beach sunset shot sony tx20
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Sony Cyber-shot TX20 is a Family’s Take Everywhere At Anytime Camera #Spon

Do you often wish you had one camera that you could carry with you all the time AND will take awesome pictures anywhere? Pool? Soccer? Family Room? Park? Yes, we all carry our phones with us and they are good in a pinch, but as the Family Memory Officer, I want quality photos all the time and anywhere. My answer? The Sony Cyber-shot TX20! Sponsored Post. WARNING: This post is photo intensive, so it make…

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