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Creative Business Planning Is Not An Oxymoron

Business planning takes a lot of work and I always thought was as far from creative as can be. Creative business planning? You’re kidding me! I have never created a business plan, mission statement, media kit, etc for my blog. I know I should have done it a long time ago, but the business planning takes me away from doing what I love…writing! Even though I have a Business Admin & Marketing degree, I am not…

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Your Numbers Are Something, But Not Everything

There have been several discussions lately about the significance of the numbers like Klout and PeerIndex. Jennifer James created a list of the mom bloggers with Klout over 40 and she interviewed the founder of PeerIndex. This sparked a lot of the recent conversations. I wrote about Klout being the new followers number, but I wanted to expand on the importance of these numbers. I agree with Mizz Information that these numbers are not everything….

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