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Wikets App Shows Recommendations From Friends; Earn Rewards

Wikets shows you recommendations ONLY from those you follow. No more getting random recommendations from people you don’t know. You can add recommendations for your friends and earn rewards at the same time. Download Wikets free from the App Store and when you register use the promo code, ScrapGeek. So, think about it… When you ask for recommendations, don’t you usually go to friends and not strangers? I know I do. So now you can…

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Marble Jar iPhone App Rewards Good Behaviors

With 4 kids in the house, I am always looking for ways to motivate my kids to do their chores, homework and personal hygiene without being asked 100 times. I know I sound like the adults in Charlie Brown when I repeat myself over and over and over again. I know that without motivation, there isn’t any reason for my kids to clean their room. Marble Jar Rewards App I want to teach my kids…

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Here Home Hope Cover
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Here, Home, Hope Book Review

Are you looking for a good book to help you enjoy the lazy days of summer at the pool? Try Here, Home, Hope (affiliate link) by Karia Rouda. It is a very easy read and perfect for the pool. Here, Home, Hope is about Kelly, a suburban mother in her 39th year and her journey through a reinvention. It’s a book that all mothers will find something they can relate to. My kids are getting older…

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PR and Blogger Relationships Blissdom

PR-Blogger Relations Dina Freeman, Kelly Olexa, Presenter: Anna Lingeris Bloggers are incredibly valuable. Online Influencers are essential part of PR. Goal today is to make it better. What’s behind the Corporate/PR curtain? Current situation • Evolving • Rapid growth • Experimental • New frontier PR deal with Budget planning process/timing brands Value Quality Reach Resources Legal Approvals and More Approvals Both sides need to have trust Have to start somewhere Things to include in Pitch…

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My World has Been Rocked, Clorox Studies the 5-Second Rule

Do you follow the 5-second rule? You know what I’m talking about! The one where if food drops on the floor as long as you get it in 5 seconds, it’s ok to eat? Do you follow that rule? In our house, I usually say, “if the dog hasn’t gotten it, it’s yours.” Our dog is pretty fast though when it comes to food so I guess its still a 5-second rule. disclosure: Clorox is…

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