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2014 editorial calendar template
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2014 Editorial Calendar Template Free Download

Updated 2015 Editorial Calendar Available! For the last 2 years, I have shared my editorial calendar template with you. This year is a little different. I’ve updated the template for 2014 and the one-page template is available to download for free without anything in return. If you would like the month-on-one-page version, you will need to sign up for my newsletter at the end of this post. 2014 Editorial Calendar Layouts Here is what you get…

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Inspiration Chest
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Using an Inspiration Chest to Recharge #RechargeME

This morning I discovered @ScoutieGirl’s Inspiration Chest blog post and fell in love with the idea. I thought it would make an awesome addition to our #RechargeME projects. I decided to create an Inspiration Chest private board on Pinterest, Dropbox and OneNote. I went back and forth on whether to make the board on Pinterest private or not and finally decided on private. I wanted to put things in there and not be questioned. I also…

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Recharge Me Reminder
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Recharge Me By Keeping A Daily Reminder Close and Be The Change #RechargeME

Have you tried to start a new habit and after a few days, the newness wears off and you forget to do it? It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but you just forget about it. What you need is a reminder that is with you all the time. You know the “string around the finger” concept. Daily Reminders As we are working to recharge our mojo, we need a reminder that we…

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#RechargeMe May Vision Board
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May is Recharge Me Month; Join Me #RechargeME

Last month I told you about my mojo woes and I’ve tried to find it all month without much success. I even tried the “stay away from the computer” method and that didn’t work. So, in May…a new approach….RECHARGE ME MAY! What is Recharge Me? I’m going to take the next 31 days to focus on me and my plans, goals, intentions, desires in both my personal and business life. I will document my journey…

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getting unstuck
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Getting Unstuck and Following My Path; Changes Are Coming

Have you ever been stuck? I have been stuck for a over a year now. I’m working hard to figure out why and to wade my through through the muck. Project Balance??? I tried to use #ProjectBalance last year to get unstuck, but that just left me frustrated and feeling guilty because I didn’t accomplish any of those goals. I started out 2013 doing better, but let it all go in March. I love blogging,…

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