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I can and I will quote to remind us to do. Planning and organizing is good, but you still need to DO!
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I Can & I Will

My word for this year is DO and this quote is a perfect reminder. I’m very good at planning and researching and organizing, but I often lose interest with the doing part. I want to change that. I have all these awesome ideas and I’ve planned and organized them very carefully, but now I need to DO them. I’m getting better. Baby steps……. How do you handle the “doing”? Are you a planner or a…

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Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge 2015; Setting #SummerReading goals for your kids. Scholastic offers printables and tips to help you set up a fun and easy summer reading challenge for the summer. Avoide #SummerSlide! #sponsored
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Setting Your Summer Reading Challenge Goals #SummerReading #spon

This is a Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge sponsored post. Summer is here! Today is the last day of school for my kids. Do you have a summer reading program in place for your kids this summer? Before you get all, “but it’s summer and they need to be lazy” on me…listen! I get that! I don’t like a lot of structure in the summer either. I enjoy the lazy days. I enjoy sleeping in. I…

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Setting goals with Netflix and vision boards. Find streaming shows to help you set and achieve your goals. #StreamTeam #spon
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Visual Goal Setting With Netflix and Vision Boards #StreamTeam

Just bear with me for a moment, I will explain how Netflix helps with goal setting. But first, let’s talk about visual goal setting. Setting Goals With Vision Boards I’ve discussed using vision boards several times in the past. Having something visual in front of you reminds you daily of what your goals are. Going through the process of creating the vision board can also help you refine your goals. Visual goal setting can be done…

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