Half Marathon Training
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Half Marathon Training, 5 More Days, Failing & PaceKeepr

5 MORE DAYS of my half marathon training! I am getting so anxious because I’m ready. I want to do it now. I go back and forth being be afraid I won’t finish to I’m ready to run a marathon. When Hurricane Irene hit Virginia Beach, I was worried that the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon would be cancelled. There goes my half marathon training was my first thought. There was a tiny part of…

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Nintendo 3DS Black
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Sick, But Saved by Nintendo 3DS and Lego Star Wars

So, what have I done for the last 3 days? I played Lego Star Wars on my Nintendo 3DS. I’ve mentioned before that I’m hooked on the Lego games, but I’ve never played one game for so long. I hate being sick. We’ve had some flu bug go through our house the last few weeks. It started with my 8-year-old, then my 6-year-old missed 2 of the last 4 days of school and now me….

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JumpStart is a Fun Online Educational Game for Kids 3 to 12 #Spon

My kids have been playing games online for years, but I prefer that they be online educational games. I know that games can be fun and they can learn at the same time. We have been a big fan of the JumpStart software since my older son started school in 2001, so I was excited to learn that JumpStart now offers online educational games for kids ages 3 through 12. Sponsored Post! There are some…

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Angry Birds Rio Movie
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Angry Birds Rio App Debuts In Anticipation of Rio Movie #Spon

Today is a big day for me because I joined the Angry Birds club (Sponsored Post). I’ve been watching my kids play Angry Birds and reading about my friends addictions, but it wasn’t until the Angry Birds Rio version came out that I decided to take the plunge. I am now addicted. Angry Birds Rio, The Game The Rio movie was the perfect setting for an Angry Birds game. In Angry Birds Rio, the original…

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Ubisoft Your Shape Fitness Game for Xbox Kinect #Spon

Ubisoft Your Shape Fitness Evolved (affiliate) for Xbox Kinect offers many different workouts and YOU are the controller. You do not need the hand controller at all, even to make the choices to start the game. It is all controlled with your hands or by voice. This is a sponsored post.  The Your Shape fitness game starts out by asking you questions and tailoring a workout to you. It will also take measurements of your body….

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