Discovery Girls Guide to Growing UP Givewawy
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Discovery Girls Guide to Growing Up for Tween Girls

Let’s face it, growing up is hard for girls. It is uncomfortable for both parents and kids to discuss some of the difficult growing up questions. I remember thinking that I was the only one that had certain feelings and I didn’t like to ask questions. I always felt it made me weak. As an adult, I know that’s not right, but as a tween, it was very real. (I received the friendship & growing…

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A Look At Life in the Social Media Age Through Parody Videos

Who really cares if you just ate ham & eggs for breakfast? There is so much about social media that just begs to be made fun of. We document our lives to death, take photos of everything, share every random thought and collect friends like we used to collect stamps. But so what???? Whenever something is new, it’s overused and abused and then it becomes normal and part of our lives. As a scrapbooker, I…

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Into_Now App Knows What You Are Watching By Listening; Daily Geek Find

The Into_Now app for the iPhone (iTunes link), iPad and Android is a really fun & free app from Yahoo!. I bet you are wondering how an app for TV could be fun. This isn’t any ordinary app. The Into_Now app listens to the show you are watching and pulls up not only the show, but the episode you are watching. Into_Now App This is what the Into_Now app on the iPad looks like when…

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Wikets App Shows Recommendations From Friends; Earn Rewards

Wikets shows you recommendations ONLY from those you follow. No more getting random recommendations from people you don’t know. You can add recommendations for your friends and earn rewards at the same time. Download Wikets free from the App Store and when you register use the promo code, ScrapGeek. So, think about it… When you ask for recommendations, don’t you usually go to friends and not strangers? I know I do. So now you can…

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