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Use Technology to Bring Your Family Back to the Dinner Table #Spon #LenovoIN

Imagine sitting around your kitchen table with your family sharing memories. You pass photos back and forth telling stories about what was going on and laughing about old times. You play videos of your vacations at the lake together. Today most of our photos are digital which makes it harder to pass the photo album around at the dinner table. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC puts the PC right where the family is….the dinner…

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12 Years Ago I Sent My Baby to School and Then The World Changed

Twelve years ago, Nathan was 5 and had just started Kindergarten. He had been in school for a week and I wasn’t ready to have a child in school. I’ll never forget that fear as I put him on the bus for the first time. For the last 5 years I had been with him almost 24/7. Now, I was entrusting him to a bus driver, teacher and a host of others who I knew…

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Office Depot 3M Expressions Tape
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Brighten Up Anything With 3M Scotch Expressions Tape From Office Depot #Spon + Coupon

Last week I wasn’t feeling well, so to keep my kids entertained, I gave them a box of Scotch Expressions Tape and Duct Tape from Office Depot (disclosure: received for free in exchange for this post) and challenged them to take this box of Expressions Tape and brighten up their rooms. My 9-year-old took the challenge and ran with it. She couldn’t stop brightening up her room. Before I show you all that she did, let…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at Staples for Work or Home #Spon

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I received from Staples for this post (full disclosure at the end of post) for the last few months and I’m convinced this 8-inch tablet is perfect for both work and home use. My family has found many uses for this tablet. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs Before I get into those uses, let me tell you a bit about the specs. 8.0″ TFT Display WXGA…

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Gratitude journal app featured
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Gratitude Journal App to Recharge Your Mindset #RechargeME

Using a gratitude journal app shows you all the things in your life to be happy about. Even when you are having a bad day, if you stop for 5 minutes and come up with 5 things to be grateful for that day, you can change your outlook. It may be as simple as, “today no one cried” or as joyous as, “today, we saw a rainbow after a warm summer rain.” No matter how small or…

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