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Verizon Fios Teased Us for Months

We watched for months as Verizon installed the lines for Verizon Fios in our neighborhood about 5 years ago. We knew it was coming, but we had to wait. Such a tease! I had read about Verizon Fios in other areas of the country and we couldn’t wait to get it installed. Finally after watching them dig holes and lay cables, we got a notice on our door telling us we could call and order…

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Half Marathon Training Begins (New Shoes Too)

Today begins my “official” first half marathon training. Since I signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on September 4, 2011, I can now officially declare “I am running a half marathon.” There is no turning back now. I am committed to 13.1 miles over Labor Day Weekend. Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon My Official Nike Half Marathon Shoe I also ordered a new pair of shoes. I had 2…

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7 Free iPhone Apps I Use Daily

Since Verizon starting offering the iPhone, I’ve had a lot of questions about which iPhone apps I use. I realized that I don’t write much about my iPhone apps even though I am an app junkie. I look at the new apps in the store almost every night before I fall asleep (yes, I’m not kidding!)   So, here is my list of 11 iPhone apps that I use most days. I am not including…

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AWESOME Run, Week 3 Wrap Up, My Life Run

I never did my update for My Life Run last week because it sucked. I was so busy and I didn’t take the time to run. This week Fiona changed my routine a bit with running and I just had an AWESOME run. According to my Nike+, I ran 2.46 miles in 30 minutes and 48 seconds at an average pace of 12.5 min/mile. I burned 258 calories. An AWESOME run because I got past…

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