What is December Daily? #DecDaily

Have you heard of December Daily? It’s a way of capturing the traditions of the days leading up to Christmas in an album. It started in 2007 by Ali Edwards.

Ali Edwards created her first album and started a scrapbooking craze which 5 years later is still going strong. I’ll be honest, I have not participated in a December Daily….yet! This year I have decided I am going to give it a go.

What is December Daily?

But before I show you my December 1st photos, let me explain a bit more about December Daily. What is December Daily? There are no hard-fast rules except that you should take photo daily (or almost daily) which show your family’s holiday traditions. Here are a few topics you could cover.

  • Trimming the tree
  • Visiting Santa
  • Baking cookies
  • Letters to Santa
  • Christmas chaos
  • Christmas shopping
  • Traveling
  • Cooking holiday dinner
  • Advent calendar
  • Holiday cards you receive
  • Writing out holiday cards

December Daily Album Ideas

A few of my ideas for a December Daily album:

My December Daily Album

I am going to create a December Daily digital scrapbook album using a template created by Ali Edwards.

december daily ali edwards 6x8 album

My plan is to take several photos every day and I will try to put them into a page every day, but if i don’t get to it, I’m not going to sweat it. I’ll get caught up with the pages when I can. The important part of the December Daily, in my opinion, is to record the memories. Take the photos, jot down a note about what’s going on and if that is all that ever gets done, that’s ok!


Disclosure: In exchange for helping promote DesignerDigitals through my social media channels, I receive the product to use in my digital scrapbook pages. (But as a side note…I have been a customer for many years and have always loved the DesignerDigitals products)


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3 thoughts on “What is December Daily? #DecDaily

  1. Hi Michele,

    This is also my first time to have my own December Daily. It was really a lot of fun doing these daily activities with my kids.

  2. Hey Michele,
    December Daily is such a nice way to capture the memorable moments. Through it, we can relive those moments whenever we feel like. Till date I just had a faint idea about December Daily, but now the entire concept is crystal clear. The pictures are brilliant and I can very well sense the fun you had while preparing your December Daily through the pictures. Thanks for sharing this valuable content.

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