Digital Storytelling Made Easy With The History Project (Coupon Code)

The History Project connects your memories. It is a digital storytelling platform.

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Do you have memories scattered in several places? And I’ll bet you have memories where you only remember part of what happened. The History Project is a really awesome digital storytelling platform to help you connect your memories.

The History Project is a digital storytelling platform. It is free to start a project and begin to collect media to tell any story. Coupon code in post.

History of The History Project

The History Project (THP) is a young company started by Niles Lichtenstein. He started it after trying to piece together the many aspects of his father’s life and ended up with a digital folder full of information. He needed a simple way to show the timeline of his father’s life. And The History Project was born.

Sample of The History Project Timeline

THP is a digital time capsule connecting all the media and memories of a your life into one place.

Creating Your History Project

It is free to create an account and start your own timelines. A project can be a person’s life, an event or a series of events.

In the photo above, you’ll see my first project is about family traditions. I am showing how the traditions we have in place in our family are a blend of the traditions from both my husband and me.

The History Project of Family Christmas traditions

I also plan to have my parents join the project as collaborators so they can add their family traditions. Being able to add collaborators is a great way to complete a memory.

The History Project Concierge Service

If you are unsure of where to start or need help telling your story, The History Project offers a Concierge Service.

I received a complementary concierge service to help me create my Christmas traditions project. My concierge walked me through the process of starting a project and helped me narrow down how I wanted to tell my story.

Check out The History Project’s services page to see the full benefits of each of their concierge packages.

What To Include In A Digital Storytelling Project

Getting started on a project is the hardest part. I suggest you just dig in and start adding dates that you know without looking anything up. Once you get past the hurdle of starting, the pieces start to come together.The History Project connects your memories. It is a digital storytelling platform.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to put that in a timeline that made sense. That is where my concierge was very helpful. She talked me through the Christmas traditions I remembered and helped me figure out how to connect those memories.

A project can include:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Maps
  • Newspaper articles
  • Online research
  • and more…

You can have a timeline be public or private and only give access to those you want to see your project.

The History Project is a digital storytelling platform to connect your memories.

The History Project Gifting Options

Gifting a concierge service for The History Project is a great way to help you family build their projects to tell their stories.

The History Project is offering readers of Scraps of My Geek Life, a 20% off coupon code for The History Project: Geek20

Here are some options:

  • Plus ($295): Includes two sessions with a History Concierge, digitization of 100 images or equivalent and a video made with their artifacts and soundtrack of their choice

  • Premium ($995): Includes FIVE (5) sessions with a History Concierge, digitization of 300 images or equivalent, a video made with their artifacts and soundtrack of their choice, a photo book of their favorite memories, a capsule to save special physical artifacts, and a reprint of a NY TImes front page of their choice.

  • Create Your Own Package ($49 minimum): Choose the number of sessions with a History Concierge ($50/hour) or digitization ($0.49/photo or $24.99/video) that you’d like to include.

The History Project App

They even have an app for the iPhone to help you get your media into your project.

The History Project app for iPhone.

The History Project Collection Tool is available for the iPhone.

Upload media with The History Project app

My Thoughts on The History Project

I could not get over how easy it was to start a project. Once I got started and added a few events, I wanted to keep going. Bringing in others to help tell a story is awesome too. You can tell a story from different perspectives. The History Project has made storytelling fun and easy!

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What stories will you be telling with The History Project?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The History Project. I received the Pro Service in exchange for my post. All opinions (and memories) are my own.

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