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Tech Gift Guide for all 2011
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Tech Gift Guide for Moms, Bloggers, Grandparents & Many More

We all have at least one techie in our lives. For me, being a techie means everything I do has a “tech angle,” whether it’s blogging, working out, reading or cooking. When I figure out the tech angle for something, then it’s interesting. For example, running…I hated running until I discovered that Nike had an app and I could track my progress. Now I’m a runner and finished a half marathon this year. I digress…….

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Scrapbookers Holiday Gift Guide
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Gift Guide For The Scrapbooker On Your List

If you are looking for a gift for a scrapbooker, you have come to the right place. At the end of this post are all the affiliate links, just click on the small picture of the item you are going to buy and I’ll get a little back from Amazon. Holiday Gift Guide for A Scrapbooker   Tech Gifts & More for Scrapbookers   Do you have a gift that you would give to a…

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Ummmm! Where Did 2011 Go? Setting Goals

I had a realization today. 2011 is almost over. Yeah…only 2 months left. I was looking at my 2011 goals and plans and realized that I don’t have much time left. So maybe I just need to set some 2012 goals. I need to tell you a little secret of mine. While I think setting goals and having plans is very important….I really love the act of creating my goals and setting the plans better…

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Creating With Instagram Pictures; What Do You Do With Yours?

You can create some awesome books and scrapbook pages with your Instagram pictures. No sense in leaving all those gorgeous pictures on your iPhone. Why not put them together in a book or create a scrapbook page with a template. Creating Books With Instagram Pictures Here are services that help you create a book by pulling in your Instagram pictures and they will print a real book. for you 1. Keepsy – Easily create an…

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