5 Simple Steps To Create Project Life® Layouts In Minutes

5 Simple Steps to Create a Project Life Layout in Minutes. Use your mobile device to create layouts anywhere you are. #ProjectLifeApp available for Android and Apple devices.

I’ll prove to you that creating Project Life layouts doesn’t take much time. Do you hear the words Project Life® and immediately stop listening? You are sure that scrapbooking involves hours of cutting and pasting and creativity that you left behind in kindergarten, aren’t you?

With the Project Life App on your device, you can create layouts in minutes.

5 Simple Steps to Create Project Life Layout in Minutes. Use your mobile device to create layouts anywhere you are. #ProjectLifeApp available for Android and Apple devices.


What is Project Life?

Becky Higgins is the creator of the Project Life® system. She describes it as:

Project Life® is an ultra-simple, über-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums.

It involves pockets, photos and journaling cards. It makes scrapbooking super easy and quick.

And the Project Life App is a mobile and digital way of creating those layouts. I find the digital way even easier than with paper and glue.

Supplies Needed

  • Project Life App (Android or Apple)
  • Digital Photos
  • Mobile Device (smartphone or tablet)

I will be using an iPhone to go through the 5 steps to create a Project Life layout.

Creating Project Life Layouts on Your Mobile Device

Step 1: Download the Project Life App to Your Mobile Device

Whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, the Project Life App is available for Android and Apple. Install it on your mobile device and open the app.

Simple steps to create a Project Life layout in minutes on your mobile device #ProjectLifeApp

Step 2: Pick a Template

Click on the teal template in the upper right of the circle.



You will see a template. You can either use this template or click on the template in the upper left and choose another template. This is the template I’m going with:


Step 2: Picking a template in the Project Life App. #ProjectLifeApp

Step 3: Pick Your Photos

You can put photos in either the orange or teal spots. I’ll be honest…I always thought that one color was for photos and one was for journaling cards, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.

Adding images to your Project Life layout. #ProjectLifeApp

You will see 2 squares in the upper right corner of both the teal and orange shapes. click on the left one to add photos. You will choose photos from your phone. Go through and do this for each spot where you will have a photo.

[wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”]

Take Note!

You can create layouts in any way you want. I like to create 1 layout for each week of the year, but you can do one layout for each day or create a layout for special occasions. There is no right or wrong way. Whatever fits your life best.


Step 4: Pick Your Journaling & Filler Cards

The journaling cards are for writing the stories behind the photos. You do not have to journal, but think about the audience of the layouts. Most of us are creating layouts to preserve memories. Someone in the future may be looking at these layouts and wonder what is going on. Help them out a bit and write something.

The filler cards add a bit of flair. The app comes with basic kits and you can purchase many more. I like variety, so I buy most of the kits that come out. New kits are released monthly.

You add these cards by clicking on the right square in the orange or teal shapes. You will get this screen:

Adding filler cards to your Project Life layout. #ProjectLifeApp

Pick the filler cards that fit your layout. If your layout does not have any 4×4 filler card spots, then you will be given the option to choose another kit.

Step 5: Journaling

Once all the orange and teal shapes are filled in with a photo, filler card or journaling card, it is time to start writing.

You will get this when you click on a journaling card:

Writing on a journaling card. #ProjectLifeApp

Click on the pencil/paper symbol and begin typing. You can change the font, color, position, line spacing and more.


Once all the journaling is done, your layout is complete.

Completed Project Life layout on the Project Life App. #ProjectLifeApp

Now What?

From there, you can:

  • Save the layout and work on it in the future
  • Print the layout
  • Export in several sizes

5 Simple Steps to Create a Project Life Layout in Minutes #ProjectLifeApp

I go through all 5 steps in less than 10 minutes for most of my layouts. Since I create them weekly, it doesn’t take me long to pick the photos.

I love that I can create a Project Life layout wherever I am. I often complete them while in a doctor’s office waiting room.

Create Your Project Life Layout

If you haven’t already, download the app now and complete your first layout. I can’t wait to hear about how easy it was to create the layout.

Share your experience with me in the comments below.

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