You can create some awesome books and scrapbook pages with your Instagram pictures. No sense in leaving all those gorgeous pictures on your iPhone. Why not put them together in a book or create a scrapbook page with a template.

Creating Books With Instagram Pictures

Here are services that help you create a book by pulling in your Instagram pictures and they will print a real book. for you

1. Keepsy – Easily create an album using Instagram pictures. It took me about 10 minutes to sign up and have an album completed. I did not send for it so I do not know how good it looks, but you can see ScrappinMichele’s Instagram Pics here at Keepsy. You can order it, link to it or post to your Facebook page. To print my book it is $29.95 + S&H.

Keepsy Instagram Pictures

2. Blurb – With Blurb you can also make a book. The starting price for a book on Blurb is $10.95 (soft cover). You can choose different layouts and add text if you. Remove or add any Instagram pictures and change the order. Within 10 minutes, I had a book and I could send it off to print. The book I created was $17.95 plus S&H to print. I didn’t see an option to link to the book without “publishing” it.

Blurb Instagram pictures

Creating Layouts With Instagram Pictures

And here are scrapbooking kits and templates that you can download to make your own creations with Instagram pictures.

3. Simple Journalers by Gina Miller – Gina created digital frames with journaling prompts. Just add your Instagram pictures and you are ready to go.

Gina Miller Simple Journalers Instagram Pictures

4. Cathy Zielske’s Layered Templates  – Cathy has a few of them at Designer Digitals & 1 on her blog:

Layered Template #87

Cathy Zielske Layered Template 87

Layered Template #88

Cathy zielske Layered Template 88

Freebie Template from Cathy’s Blog

Cathy Zielske Freebie Instagram template

5. Hello Sweetness Instagram Templates at O’Scraps

O Scraps Instagram Pictures
6. Instagram Notes Project – From Biograffiti at O’Scraps. She has the full instructions to create the paper project from your Instagram pictures on her blog.

Instagram PIctures Notes

Instagram is only available for the iPhone now, but even with that it has really taken off. I’m sure there will be more and more services and products available to work with your Instagram Pictures.

Let’s Talk About Instagram Pictures!

Do you use Instagram? What do you do with your Instagram pictures?