Image by ScrappinMichele via Flickr

This afternoon I brought my 2 daughters (11 & 5) to see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (who are dating IRL, so I’m told.)

I have not read the book so I do not know if it follows along with the book. I do plan to read it now. I just downloaded it on my Nook.

I really wasn’t expecting much from the movie, but I did. I know the critics haven’t been too nice. Is The Last Song an Oscar-winning movie? No, but it was a good story. Predictable, but there were enough twists so we didn’t always know what was coming next.

The Plot

The Last Song is about a girl (Miley Cyrus) who just graduated from High School and is forced (by her Mom) to spend the summer with her Dad. She and her little brother haven’t spent much time with their Dad since their parents divorced. She isn’t very happy about it, but eventually, falls in love with a local boy (Liam Hemsworth). That is the basic plot.

Miley doesn’t do a lot of singing in the movie which surprised me, but then it wouldn’t have fit into the plot. I do like Miley Cyrus so I enjoyed watching her in a role that was different from the other parts she has played in the past. Liam Hemsworth is definitely nice to look at also.

The movie is a tear-jerker, both happy and sad. I sobbed my way through the movie.  My 11 year old loved the movie and also cried through most of it. My 5-year-old was bored through much of it (probably shouldn’t have taken her, but we wanted to see it and she wanted to come along).

The Last Song is definitely a chick flick (and I don’t mean in a derogatory way because I LOVE chick flicks. My boys ended up seeing How to Train a Dragon in 3D. So, if the opportunity arises to see the movie, I would go (but don’t forget the tissue).

Have you seen The Last Song? What did you think?