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amulet books
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Amulet Books Hooked My Son From Page One!

The Amulet books by Kazu Kibuishi really did hook my son from page one. My son is 8.5 years old and reading is way bottom on his list of things he wants to do. When I saw the comic book style of the Amulet books, I knew this just might be the perfect series for him. The Amulet books are for the ages 9 – 12, however, my son is 8.5 and it was perfect for him….

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earbuds running
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New Balance Sports Earbuds With Pedometer & Heart Rate Monitor

New Balance Sports Earbuds combine several different tools that athletes use into one product, earbuds with a pedometer and one-touch heart rate monitor. New Balance Sports Earbuds As you can see in the picture below. The New Balance Sports Earbuds have both the earbuds and earhooks. The earhooks pull off if you do not want to use them. The earbuds plug into the heart rate monitor and pedometer. The large button on the monitor is…

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Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion
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Sony VAIO With AMD Fusion; Laptop With More Power, Less Weight

Have you seen the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion chip? It is a small lightweight laptop which packs a lot of punch. I spend a lot of time away from my computer so I carry a laptop with me just about everywhere. I can feel the difference in the weight of my purse when I started carrying around the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion. The addition of the AMD Fusion chip took the Sony VAIO…

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tweens and communication
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Join Me For Tweens And Communication Talk at TheMotherhood

Tomorrow I will be at TheMotherhood discussing Tweens and Communication. Tweens and Communication is really important topic to me. Communication and My Family I have a teen son (15), tween daughter (12) and another son (8) and daughter(7) right behind. The issues with tweens and communication starts early. I have seen my 7-year-old daughter have communication issues with her friends. Often she (or her friends) will get their feelings hurt because of something they “think”…

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Crayola ColorStudio for iPad
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Crayola ColorStudio for iPad by Griffin; Daily Geek Find

Recently I bought the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad from Griffin for my kids to use on my iPad. Talk about a fun way to use an iPad. I love it! What is a Crayola ColorStudio for iPad? The Crayola ColorStudio for iPad is a combination of an iPad app and a stylus. The stylus is the size of a big Crayola marker so it’s perfect for little kids hands. My 7, 8 & 12-year-olds all…

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