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Phix natural energy mix flavors
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Phix Natural Energy Mix Review

Phix Natural Energy Mix is a blend of green tea, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a powder form which you add to water, shake and drink. I received the Energy formula in the flavors Citron, Tropic and Teaberry. Citron has a lemon tea flavor Tropic is a blend of berry, pineapple & Guava. Teaberry is a mixed berry tea. I tried all three flavors and the Teaberry was my favorite. I did not care for…

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targus 3-in-1 stylus ipad
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Targus 3-in-1 Stylus Puts a Pen, Stylus and Laser Pointer In Your Hand

The Targus 3-in-1 Stylus is the perfect companion to any tablet or smart phone. You will love the laser pointer addition to the usual stylus/pen combinations. Targus 3-in-1 Pen I’m a bit of a pen freak. When I find a pen I love, I become addicted to it. I will write things just to use the pen. The pen on the Targus 3-in-1 is awesome. It writes so smoothly and feels really good in my…

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momagenda mini-daily
in Family Life, Reviews

Getting Organized For The Holidays With momAgenda Mini-Daily

I’ve tried to figure out how to keep my calendar and to do list in order for the last few months. It wasn’t until I read the momAgenda Mini-Daily review from ThetaMom that I figured out how to keep in them in order. Separate them. My review of the momAgenda Desktop Calendar explains how I use my momAgenda calendar to keep my family of 6 organized. I have now added the momAgenda Mini-Daily in pink…

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locker mudroom for storage for the garage
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Storage For The Garage; Before & After Makeover Pictures

  So, you saw the before garage makeover pictures and you saw the garage installation pictures and now you will get to see the after garage makeover pictures. I have looked for years for storage for the garageand never found anything that I liked. I’m not sure why I never thought to look into the professional installations of storage, but I didn’t. Storage For The Garage Here are before and after pictures of all the…

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The Eco-nize truck shows up this morning and they get right to work on the garage.
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Eco-nize Installing Garage Makeover From The Stow Company

Today was the big day!! Our garage organization system makeover installation day. I won a garage makeover from The Stow Company. Here is the install from Eco-nize. Eco-nize Install Check out the big reveal of the garage makeover.  I’m so happy with the results and Paul & Jack did an awesome job. Eco-nize cleaned up everything when they left. It was such a pleasure to work with Eco-nize. Disclosure: I won the garage makeover from The…

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