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Trop50 True Resolutions for 2012

I would be writing this post even if it wasn’t sponsored by Trop50, but it is! Whether you call them goals, intentions or resolutions, I do believe it is powerful to have them. As they say, “how can you know where you going if you don’t have a plan?” I have done a lot of thinking this year about my resolutions. You all know I’m working on Project Balance in 2012. During the year, I…

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QR code Twitter party
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PBS LearningMedia Twitter Party on January 24

Have you every done homework with your 3rd grader and realized you have no idea how to explain the concepts to him/her? I have! I know how to do it, I just have no idea how to teach it to them. PBS LearningMedia has created a place for educators, homeschoolers and parents to find resources to help teach hundreds of different concepts from Preschool through High School. PBS LearningMedia Twitter Party I am participating in…

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Livescribe Sound Stickers; Add Your Voice to Anything!

Livescribe (affiliate link) has come out with a new product that has so many possibilities. The Livescribe Sound Stickers are small round stickers that you can add to anything that a sticker will stick to. Sound Stickers Uses With the Sound Stickers and a Livescribe pen, you can record your voice and play it back anywhere. Here are some ideas: Put stickers on all the pages of a book, record your voice reading the pages…

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microsoft touch moues
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Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse Review

When I first received the Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse, I’ll admit, I thought it was interesting looking and I couldn’t figure out how it was going to change how I use a mouse. Well, I was wrong. I plugged in the Microsoft Touch Mouse, installed the software and watched the demo. Interesting! I spent the next few hours trying the mouse out. It took some getting used to, but now I really like it. The…

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