This is a sponsored post.

Mrs. Prindable’s handmade confections are more than delicious, they are super delicious. You can imagine my excitement when this arrived at my home:

When the kids got home from school later that day, we opened the box to see what we got. A Mrs. Prindable’s Triple Chocolate Holiday Jumbo Apple.

Gorgeous packaging…we almost didn’t want to open it up. But, we did! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty in this…

mrs prindables box

Once again, we wanted to cherish the beauty, but in order to taste, we had to cut into it…

This picture shows all the layers of the apple. It starts with a HUGE apple, then a thick layer of caramel, then covered in dark chocolate, followed by a drizzling of milk chocolate and white chocolate. The best part was the corners where the caramel was really thick. YUMMMM!!!

These apples would make awesome holiday gifts for friends, neighbors, your boss, teachers, hairdresser, anyone who loves a special treat would love these. The packaging alone makes the treat feel quite elegant and then it tastes sooo good which really makes the entire gift AWESOME!!!

Disclosure: I received this apple for free through MomImpact. I chose to do this review because the apple was AWESOME. All opinions are 100% my own.