Luxe Moo Business Cards Feel As Awesome As They Look

Luxe Moo Business Cards ScrapinMichele

Your business card is more than just your information on a card. It is part of your first impression. When shopping for business cards, do you think about the type of impression you want to make? I do! Which is why I have always had Moo business cards.


When I first decided to make this blog my career, I knew I needed a professional look. Since being creative is part of my “thing,” I needed an awesome looking business card. I wanted one that spoke to many of our senses. I wanted it to WOW the eyes and the fingers! Yes, the fingers. When I hand my business card to someone I want them to say, “Oh WOW! Look at this awesome feeling card.”

Luxe Moo business cards

That is exactly what happened with my Luxe Moo business cards. I took them with me to CES and every person I handed it too mentioned the look and feel of the card. I wanted my card to stand out in their stack of business cards and the Luxe cards do.

Michele McGraw Business Cards

Here is a front and back photo of my Luxe Moo business cards. Notice the white area on the back? That is left blank intentionally for people to make notes of if they would like.


Luxe Moo Business Cards Features

  • 3x the thickness of an ordinary business card
  • 4 colors
  • 32 pt standard of paper quality
  • Made of compressed layers of Mohawk Superfine paper with a choice of color in the center
  • Unique to Moo

Luxe Moo Video

Here is a great video explaining many of the features and there are some awesome examples of the Luxe business cards.

Introducing Luxe, by MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.

NFC by Moo Android App

Moo also just came out with an interesting NFC by Moo app free on Android devices and I wanted to share this video. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I can’t wait to find someone else with an NFC Android phone so I can test it. (NFC by Moo App)

NFC Business Cards from MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.

Disclosure: I received the Luxe Moo Business Cards in exchange for this review, however, I have always had Moo business cards and I have paid for them in the past. I will pay for these in the future. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk About Business Cards!

Do you think about the impression your business card will make when choosing a card?

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3 thoughts on “Luxe Moo Business Cards Feel As Awesome As They Look

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I agree with you that Moo has great full color business cards. However, there are lots of other business card types that are just as fantastic. For example have you heard of Soft Touch? While the card stock is not as thick as the Luxe cards, the quality is still quite great. I must say for the most part that MOO cards are cool but quite expensive.

    1. David,

      You are right. There probably are other services that make quality business cards. I just know that I fell in love with the whole Moo card process. I love the website, it’s so easy to customize and I even the stock photos that they offer are awesome. I love the look and comments I get when I hand someone one of my Moo cards and so far I’ve never had that happen with any other card.

      1. Hello Michelle,

        I am currently looking into a new source for business cards. They do letterpress, cotton and other very unique business cards. Unfortunately they are out of the country. I will keep you posted if you are interested.

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