My family loves looking at the stars so I was so excited to do a sponsored post for the Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (by Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs.) My oldest son started looking at the galaxy when he was really young, 18 months young. This was when Star Trek The Next Generation was on and we would watch it every night. We’ve always had a fascination with the everything out there in the big galaxy.

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The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy is the BEST book about the galaxy I have seen because it is really hands on. It doesn’t just tell you about the stars, but gives you the tools to look at the stars. My 12-year-old created the cardboard telescope that comes with the book. She put it together in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we’ve only had cloudy or stormy nights since we put it together.

So often, we are outside and my kids will ask, “Where is the Big Dipper?” or “Which one is the North Star?” and I do not know the answer without looking it up. Now I plan to give them the Klutz Guide to the Galaxy to look it up themselves. The guide comes with a lot of pictures and charts and diagrams that are very easy to understand. It is a spiral bound paperback book so you can easily take it outside with you to search the universe with a telescope and the Guide to the Galaxy.

See and Do Learning

The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy feeds a child’s need to see and do when learning new things. Sometimes the stars can seem like very abstract concepts because they are so far away. This book helps to bring the galaxy to your own backyard so you can learn more about what is out there. If your kids don’t have an interest in the stars now, they will after going through the hands-on activities in this book. This is one of those that you will keep for a long time and often go to for answers about the skies.

The retail value of the The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy is $19.99 (affiliate link for amazon where it is $13.59.)

Let’s Talk About The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy!

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Klutz Guide to the Galaxy to review. All opinions are always 100% my own.

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