I’m not a big fan of most of the Facebook games because they involve a  lot of stealing of other people’s stuff and just gathering more and more. ToonUps has created a positive Facebook game, A Better World. The idea is to do good. The more good you do, the more “Do Good Gold” you earn. This is a game I am getting addicted to.

Mozilla Firefox

You start the game by naming your character. I am ScrappinMichele (friend me if you’d like in the game). You can make some modifications if you’d like.  Here I am:

Mozilla Firefox I’m not sure what is up with my ears. Maybe I have ear muffs on because it’s so cold. LOL! You can decorate your house. You get a few basics to start with. I gave some of my stuff away to friends to share the wealth. I like to play the Thump the Thoughts game.

Mozilla Firefox See those red nasty thoughts. You earn points by thumping them. Much better way to take out your frustrations. It’s a fun game and it brings out the competitor in me. I want to thump more and more bad thoughts away.

You can leave thoughts of gratitude and visit your friends that play the game also. The more you play, the more you earn and the more you can spend. The premise is the same as many of the other games on Facebook, but I like that this game involves doing good instead of killing and stealing.

You can check out the game, by going to the A Better World Facebook Page.

Disclosure:  I am receiving a gift card from Likeable Media in exchange for testing and writing about the game.