Monday Motivation: Building Your Reputation on Intentions Free Printable

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I’m trying to start my weeks out on a positive note and I decided that I should share some of these Monday insights with you. I’m going to share a motivational quote and today I have a free printable to help you focus what you intend to do so you can begin building your reputation. Today’s topic is building your reputation (or branding if you will.)

building reputation quoteI love this quote by Henry Ford because I have a huge list of things I intend to do, but haven’t gotten around to do. Sometimes when I see someone else doing what I intend to do and being successful with it, it bugs me. But I then have to take a step back and think about what I’ve done to get what I want. If I’m still just intending to do it, then it’s my problem.

You can’t build a reputation on what you intend to do.    ~ Henry Ford

What Are You Intending to Do?

What have you been intending to do, but haven’t? Jot down a quick list of intentions that you haven’t done.

write down your intentions

Next, choose one of those intentions to focus on.

building my reputation free printable

You can leave the page as is or cut along the dotted line and you will have a smaller reminder of what you need to focus on to build your reputation.

building your reputation reminder

pinterest build reputation

Free Building Your Reputation Printable

Now it’s your turn. Download the free PDF version of the Building Your Reputation free printable.

Build-Reputation-Intentions (text link if you can’t see the document below)

Free Printable - Building Your ReputationIf you download the free printable, come back and let me know what you are working on. Did this help you focus on one thing?

Resources for Building Your Reputation and Intentions

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