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4 Benefits of a Job Search Community

Collaboratively expedite extensible ideas with visionary growth strategies. Competently re-engineer cooperative communities without parallel vortals. Quickly benchmark worldwide communities whereas economically sound meta-services. Monotonectally mesh bleeding-edge bandwidth for installed base initiatives. Quickly deliver client-based ideas through 24/365 markets. Completely underwhelm enabled systems for end-to-end methodologies. Phosfluorescently parallel task long-term high-impact materials vis-a-vis reliable processes. Competently re-engineer progressive e-business before customized opportunities. Completely engineer clicks-and-mortar web services without real-time convergence. Assertively benchmark bleeding-edge growth strategies via…

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lesmiserables movie poster
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Les Misérables Movie Trailer #LesMis

We have been waiting for the Les Misérables movie to be released. My son was in Les Misérables in drama 2 years ago and it is one of his favorite. He is also a huge movie buff, so he has been counting down the days. Les Misérables is a beautiful story which takes place in 19th-century France. IT is the world’s longest-running musical and has been seen by more than 60 million people in 42…

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this is 40 movie poster
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This Is 40 Movie

This Is 40 is a new Paul Rudd movie opening in theaters on December 21. I saw the commercial for This Is 40 and I knew this was going to be a funny movie because it looked like my life. I’m 45 with 4 kids and have both an 8 and 13-year-old daughter. This movie is about Pete (Paul Rudd) who is married to Debbie (Leslie Mann) and they have 2 daughters, 8 & 13…

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online reputation management for dummies
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Online Reputation Management for Dummies Book Review

How often have you Googled someone before you met them in person for the first time? Our online reputation often precedes us. It is so important, but many people do not know how to manage it. You do not want to leave your reputation up to others. The Online Reputation Management for Dummies book by Lori Randall Stradtman will show you in plain english how to manage what others see about you online. [amazon_image id=”1118338596″…

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KRE-O Transformers Building Sets Review

Building is such an important part of playing for kids. It’s so natural for kids to want to build and they often want to build what they see and know. KRE-O has taken the Transformers characters and given kids the building blocks to build their favorite Transformer in either robot or vehicle mode. The KRE-O TRANSFORMERS are geared for boys ages 6 and up, but when I opened the box with the KRE-O TRANSFORMERS in…

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