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CES Press Day 2012 Recap; Technology to Enhance Your Life

Yesterday was the CES Press Day and I spent most of the day glued to Ustream watching all the press conferences. There was definitely a theme. Our gadgets are getting smarter and more interactive. TVs will be voice and motion controlled, so no more searching for the remote. Not only will we communicate with our gadgets, but our gadgets communicate with each other. Wifi built into many of our gadgets. CES Storify – I’m putting…

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The Day After; Twister, Tech & Time

Ahh! The day after Christmas! Every year as Christmas is over and we are in the last week of the year, I’m reminded of how fast time goes by. Way too fast!!! What did you get for Christmas? I got a little bit of everything. Some tech, fitness and bling. My husband picked out the gorgeous bling shoes. I’m 6 inches taller in these. I got Zumba for Wii which I’ve wanted for some time…

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Livescribe Sound Stickers; Add Your Voice to Anything!

Livescribe (affiliate link) has come out with a new product that has so many possibilities. The Livescribe Sound Stickers are small round stickers that you can add to anything that a sticker will stick to. Sound Stickers Uses With the Sound Stickers and a Livescribe pen, you can record your voice and play it back anywhere. Here are some ideas: Put stickers on all the pages of a book, record your voice reading the pages…

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bSafe Turns Your SmartPhone into a Personal Safety Device

Personal safety is very important to me, as I’m sure it is to you too. With so many gadget and gizmos taking our attention away from our surroundings, it is nice to see a service that promotes personal safety. bSafe by Bipper turns your smartphone into a personal safety device. Why Do You Need a Personal Safety Device? Maybe you are thinking you don’t walk in dark allies at night alone so why do you…

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