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Have you ever talked on the phone with someone often, but once you met them in person, they were completely different from you imagined? Being online is a bit like that. So, why is it important to stay authentic online? Glad you asked.

It is important to always be authentic online. You are the only you. Do not create a new persona for your personal brand. You will only disappoint others and lose their trust. #AuthenticME

Stay Authentic Online

When online , it is important to stay authentic. At the very basic level, if you aren’t authentic, you are lying.

When a model on the cover of a magazine has been altered to appear smaller for whatever reason, we aren’t happy. We feel like someone lied to us. It is the same as pretending you are living a life you aren’t living.

Let’s apply that same concept online.

  • Glorious Vacations

When we see the photos from our friends of the glorious vacations they are taking, we get jealous. What we aren’t seeing is the years of overtime they put in at work (and time away from family) to save for that glorious vacation.

Just messing around with photos from Hawaii.

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  • Beautiful Homes

When we see a photo of a friend who bought a beautiful home, we may get jealous. What we are not seeing is the years that friend lived in a very small rental apartment to save enough money to buy the beautiful home.

  • Winning Awards

When we see friends win awards at competitions, we may also get a bit jealous.

Winning Awards

What we are not seeing is years where they spent many hours in a studio practicing . The struggles and the injuries that came before that award.

Practice that goes into winning awards.

That is why it is important to share your life in a very authentic way. If you were looking at those same photos of your friend’s vacation while at their house, you might say, “oh wow, you are so lucky getting to go on such glorious vacations.”

Your friend would reply, “I spent the last ten years working every Saturday and being away from my family so I could save enough money to take this one glorious vacation.”

When online, you often do not have the same background information. You can only go by what someone shares with you. Hence the importance of being authentic.

Just not feelin’ it today.

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Authenticity and Future Generations

The next generation will spend more of their lives online that we do now. It is important for them to see the bad with the good.

If all they see is how great everyone’s life is and at the same time they know the reality of their own life, they will feel they are not as good as everyone else. They will never know that struggling is part of the journey and wonder why they struggle so much.

If you plan to create a personal brand online, be sure you are being true to yourself and being authentic. Do not create a persona that is completely different from who you are. When you do meet in person, people will be disappointed and will not trust you in the future.

Running on a beautiful day

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You do not need to share every detail of your life, but share the struggles along with the results of the struggle.

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Let’s Talk About Staying Authentic!

Do you think about being authentic online? Or creating a personal brand online? Have you ever known someone online and were shocked when you met them in person for the first time because they were completely different than their online persona?

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It is important to always be authentic online. You are the only you. Do not create a new persona for your personal brand. You will only disappoint others and lose their trust. #AuthenticME