Win Your Wish List at Staples

Staples has an awesome way to figure out what to get for all those people on your holiday list. And the best part is, you can create a wish list for yourself too and possibly win your wish list (up to $2500.)

Here is the Staples Wish List I created and it just took a few minutes..

And if you go to the Staples Wish List page and scroll down, you’ll see the sample Wish List I created.

Go set up a wish list and Good Luck!


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4 thoughts on “Win Your Wish List at Staples

  1. I love Staples! Several of my coworkers at DISH have created their own gift lists, and I jumped at the opportunity to possibley win my own! I’ve had my eye on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet II for a while, and I think that the DISH Remote Access app that I use to stream live TV and my DVR recordings will look great on it. I already use the app on my Smartphone, and although it works everywhere I have Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network, I’ll admit that I could definitely use a bigger screen.

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