It’s been a rough few months for me here on the blog. First my theme change took longer than I planned and just as I was finishing it all up, I was hacked. Then I moved my blog to a new server (because of the hack.) So why more changes? I’ve been blogging now for almost 4 years and I’m figuring out why I like and what I don’t like. Yes, it’s taken me almost 4 years to really figure out my niche. So, if you are just getting started and don’t know your niche, don’t worry about it.

This picture is here just because i love it!

There are 3 things I’m passionate about…technology, fitness and digital scrapbooking. Now it’s very hard to create a blog and talk about all 3 extensively. But what I figured out is that even my fitness and scrapbooking passions have a tech spin. I’m a digital scrapbooker (definitely a tech kinda thing.) Even fitness is done with technology. I run with my Nike+… I use the Wii & Kinect to fill in the off days. I track my workouts and food on my iPhone. So, what is my niche? Technology that enhances our lives. I like to call it Lifestyle Technology. So, it’s official. My Niche is Lifestyle Technology.

How Will My Blog Change?

  • You are going to see more of what I love about technology and how it can and does enhance our daily lives. You will see less of me posting about stuff that doesn’t fit into that niche.

  • You will see more ads. Yes, I have to pay the bills too. But my ads will be for products that I use and love, so view them as an extension of my blog. Another way for me to endorse the products I love and make a few bucks too!
  • You will see another theme change. I’m not happy with the one that is currently here. It isn’t flexible enough for me to change things around. I’m going to use Unspoken (love that name). I bought the theme and uploaded it. Now I just have to make the change.
  • You will see more about how I am working on living a much healthier life using technology. It’s how I make it all fun.

  • You will see more about digital scrapbooking. It will be interweaved in my posts. Instead of telling you all about my latest run, I may create a scrapbook page and show you. I miss digital scrapbooking and this is my way of getting it back into my life.

  • You will continue to see things that don’t fit into any of those 3 categories IF, and ONLY IF, it is something that I want you to know about. If I find an awesome online clothing store that sells casual clothes that fit and look awesome, you bet I’m going to blog about it. Because I want you to know about it.
  • You will see more of me running on the beach… Oh wait. This isn’t my wish list. This is the list of things you will DEFINITELY see. Dang! A girl can hope!

  • You will see more video and rumor has it, maybe even a weekly podcast.
  • You will see a new community so we can all keep up with the constantly changing, ever growing world of (lifestyle) technology.
  • You will see a Daily Geek Find just about every day. I have a life (sort of) so I might skip a day or two, but I will try to bring you a new gadget, tool, app or software each day. If you find something cool, let me know about it. Use #DailyGeekFind and Tweet it to me. (@ScrappinMichele)

All of the change will be for the good. You will see more of what you love about me and my blog and less of the stuff we don’t like. (In other words, no more blogging for a free box of cereal or a cheap t-shirt.)

Getting To Know You!

I would also like to get to know you better. So, if you have a few moments, please fill out my survey.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments or email me ( and tell me what you love, like and don’t like about my blog. I can’t guarantee I’ll change it just for you, but I might take it into consideration. 😀