Klout is a tool that can help you find others online who have the same interests as you or find those who are influencers in certain topics. Everyone is given a Klout Score based on your social networking use.

Klout Score Topics of Influence

Klout just added a new feature where you can give someone a +K in an area of expertise (or topic) if they influence you in that area. For example, you can see in my Klout profile below that I am influential in social media, blogging, parenting, real estate (where that came from I’ll never know…), moms and fitness (plus 5 more, but for the example we’ll look at these.) So, if you think I have influenced you in some way about fitness, you can give me a +K in fitness.


Giving +K to Influencers

If you want to give me (or anyone) a +K, you click on Topics in their profile and you will see something like this:

Notice the Give +K under scrapbooking? I could give BigPictureClass a +K by clicking on that button. I already gave them a +K in creativity as you see in the top one. Everyone who logs in gets 5 +K to give away per day.

The BlogWorld Expo Blog has an aweseom post with details how the +K works or check the Klout blog for more information.

If you’d like to give me +K in any of my topics, check out my Klout Profile.

Let’s Talk about Klout Score!

Have you used Klout? What are your thoughts on the new +K?