Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not even sure how to begin this review. I knew I was going to take my girls to see the Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie. If my mom endured Rick Springfield, I can certainly endure a few hours of Justin Bieber. Ultimately, Justin Bieber taught me to Never Say Never. I swore I’d never enjoy a Justin Bieber song, but instead I enjoyed a 105 minute movie. (Yes, I really did.) Sponsored Post


Justin Bieber Fan?


I was the mom who would turn the Justin Bieber songs off in the car. My daughters could listen to their headphones if they wanted to hear him. I really could not stand to listen to him. So I was dreading the movie. But I did it.


I saw a side of the music industry that I had imagined, but had not seen. I saw the Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers movies and neither one shared the struggles. Justin Bieber didn’t just become an overnight success. He worked really hard to get where he is.


No, he didn’t spend decades playing in smokey bars, but instead he spent a year traveling around from radio station to radio station playing his acoustic guitar and singing for any DJ who would listen. He was going to get his music on the radio if it meant doing it station by station.


Justin Bieber & Social Media


Justin Bieber had something on his side that decades of artists didn’t have in the past…

Social Media! I didn’t realize the huge part that Twitter played in getting Justin Bieber to the place he is now. It was just another example of the power of social media. It puts the power back in our hands. If we (i.e. starstruck girls) want to hear Justin Bieber, they are not going to let a DJ in a radio station refuse to play him because the DJ thinks Justin is some kid with a high voice.


Social Media alone will not do it. Justin Bieber also has something that you need in order to be successful. He has determination. Maybe some of it was because he was so young and naive and therefore didn’t know that it should be hard. He just knew what he wanted and he went after it.


Justin Bieber Has Talent


I admit that I often assume that the cute kids that the girls are swooning over are lip syncing and have no talent. It was clear from watching this movie that he has talent. He’s been playing the drums since he was really young, like 2 years young. He plays the guitar, drums, piano, trumpet and a few more instruments that I don’t recall.


Justin Bieber Has Family


The one thing that I really enjoyed was listening to his family talk about Justin. He was raised by a young single mom and had the support of his grandparents. Even after he had become a success, he had to clean his room before going out with his friends. His is very close to his mom and grandparents. His management team and crew all seem to really care about him. Everyone treated him with respect, but he was also still a kid who needed guidance, structure and rules. He seemed to have all three.


Justin Bieber has Fans


Justin knows very well how he got to the place he is. It wasn’t because a record producer decided to make him a teen pop star. It was because his fans wanted to hear him. He and his crew give back to the fans. They pull fans from the concerts and put them in the front few rows. They go into the town and look for kids who don’t have tickets and give them tickets. It was very heartwarming to watch.

Megan at Justin Bieber Never Say Never

Megan at Justin Bieber Never Say Never (Photo credit: ScrappinMichele)

This movie showed all sides of Justin Bieber and the movie industry including the tough parts. He had moments where all he wanted was to be a “regular’ kid. At the same time, he never wants to disappoint his fans. He struggles with balancing being a 16 year old boy and a business. I can’t imagine that. I struggle with being a mom and having a small business. It’s not easy.


There were times when he’d break down and cry. He’s human. I thought that was very important for my girls to see. These young kids are put on pedestals and it’s very difficult to live to the super human standards we think they possess.


Hold Your Judgement


I had a lot of people joke about how they felt sorry for me that I was taking my girls to see the Justin Bieber movie, but seriously, hold your judgment. See the movie. I enjoyed it a lot. No, I loved it!


Is this movie the real story or what they want us to think the story is? That I can’t answer. I do know that I saw a different side of Justin Bieber. I do think he is going to be around a lot longer than I thought. Who thought Madonna would still be making music today? You can’t tell me that our parents weren’t sick of hearing, “Like a Virgin.”


Here is the official trailer for the movie.



Justin Bieber in 3D


We saw the Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie in 3D. The new 3D is nothing like the old paper glasses 3D movies. I don’t feel sick to my stomach and the 3D really looks 3D. These concert movies are really awesome in 3D. It’s one of the times where I think the 3D adds to the experience. It does make you feel like you are there.


If your daughters want to see the movie, go with them. If you do not have daughters, go see it or when it comes out in video, rent it. I do think that it’s a movie worth a watch. I’m glad that I saw it.


Remember…Never Say Never!! If a kid from a small town in Canada can sell out a stadium in a few years, you never know what else can happen!! And if Justin Bieber can teach me a lesson, well…you never know!


UPDATED: I just downloaded the album from iTunes for Never Say Never. Another one of those,” I swore I’d never…”, but I’m listening to it now.


Let’s Talk! Have you seen the movie? Will you see it?

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