Video History of Diet Coke Commercials

After looking at Diet Coke in 1982, I was very curious about the history of the Diet Coke commercial. I set out to find out what exciting adventures, Diet Coke has been on in the last 29 years.

Diet Coke commercial

Diet Coke Commercial History

1982Diet Coke was born (huge launch party on July 4, 1982 with Rockettes and celebrities)


First National Diet Coke advertising campaign


Commercial with cameos from many celebrities…


George Michael in Diet Coke commercial (remember him?)


Paula Abdul & Elton John Commercial


Batman Returns Diet Coke commercial


Diet Coke began focusing its advertising on women.


Diet Coke commercial with the cast of Friends


Obviously still marketing to women…


(Couldn’t find a 2000 commercial, so we move to 2001) I love seeing the changes from year to year

Diet Coke with Lemon came out this year too.


Really upbeat and a “Do What Feels Good” slogan.

Diet Coke with Vanilla came out this year


Commercial with Adrien Brody. This is the year Diet Coke with Lime was introduced (one of my favorites.)

 2006 -2007

Light it up is the new slogan


This one is for women’s heart health and features Heidi Klum and the red dress campaign


Diet Coke commercial with the “Stay Extraordinary” slogan. Aired during the Oscars


Diet Coke becomes the 2nd most popular soda in the U.S. (passing Pepsi). Diet Coke. Another Diet Coke commercial for heart health month with specially designed cans.

We are all getting very anxious here waiting to see what the Diet Coke Birthday Secret Surprise is. Stay tuned and you will find out as soon as I find out (well as soon as I can tweet it out that is.) Anyone want to guess?

Let’s Talk About the Diet Coke Commercial!

Which Diet Coke commercial is your favorite? Are there any awesome ones that I missed? (link to them in your comments)

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  4. What about the ‘Just for the taste of it … Diet Coke’ (Whitney Houston) commercial/jingle — Not really for the performer, just that I love-Love-LOVE that tune!

    1. Those were good ones too. I couldn’t find a good video of all the commercials so I just used the ones that I could find (and the ones I remember the most.)

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