x out logoI have 2 teens in the house who were lucky enough to have inherited my complexion and both are dealing with teen acne. When I was given the opportunity to have one of them try the new X Out Acne Treatment for teens.

My daughter is 13 years old and we have tried many acne products and while some have worked better than others, she isn’t really happy with the results she has seen from all the products she has tried. She was really anxious to give the X Out Acne Treatment a try.

Acne Treatment Routine Before X Out

Morning Routine – Wash face & shoulders in the shower every morning. with an acne cleanser.  Use a toner and moisturizer that are for acne-prone skin. Finish it off with an acne spot treatment for the really bad zits.

Evening Routine – Remove all make-up with an acne cleanser being sure to not leave any make-up on her face. Use a toner and night moisturizer (both for acne-prone skin.)Finish it off with a night-time acne spot treatment.

Acne Treatment Routine With X Out

Morning Routine – Wash with the X Out Wash-In Treatment while watching the QR code video.

Evening Routine – Wash with the X Out Wash-In Treatment while watching the QR code video.


Big difference in the amount of time she is spending on her routines. And honestly, I know that when she was tired or rushed for time in the morning, she would skip some of those steps which I’m sure is why they didn’t always work as they were supposed to.

It was just too much for her to do everyday. That was the big reason I wanted her to try the X Out. I knew that she could keep up with one step

X Out Acne Treatment Before Pics

My daughter has acne on her face and on her shoulders. She was willing to let me show you the before (and after in a few weeks.) She doesn’t like the acne at all and I think it makes her self-conscious about her face. She is a very confident person so she doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything, but I do know it is something that is on her mind.

She has been using the X Out for a few weeks now. We are going to give it a good month and we’ll take some more pictures and show you how she is progressing.

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Let’s Talk About X Out Acne Treatment!

What acne products have you or your teen tried? What is your typical acne treatment routine like?

I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of X Out and received a X Out product sample to facilitate my review, one to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.