Weight LossYou may be a weight loss expert on YOU losing weight, but you are NOT a weight loss expert. Before I get into this, let me say that this is not directed at any one person or any product, I’m just tired of all the claims to be “weight loss experts.”

Definition of Expert

Having, involving, or demonstrating great skill, dexterity, or knowledge as the result of experience or training.

Who is a Weight Loss Expert?

In order to call yourself a weight loss expert, you need to have done more than lost weight yourself. Every person is different and what works for you will not work for everyone. If you want to call yourself a weight loss expert, you need some type of expertise that will give you insight into what will work best for each person.

  • Maybe you spend years working in a fitness center and you’ve worked with many different people and you have had the opportunity to try different weight loss methods on different people.
  • Maybe you spent years in school to be a doctor and you know how the body works which may give you more insight into why someone is or isn’t losing weight.
  • Maybe you are a nutritionist and you have studied nutrition and have worked with many patients to figure out a balanced diet that works for each individual.
  • Maybe you are a nurse and you have worked in a weight loss clinic working with countless patients helping them to be successful.
  • The list goes on, but you get the picture…

All of these people I would qualify as being a weight loss expert.

Who is NOT a Weight Loss Expert?

But if you just lost 75 lbs, you are not a weight loss expert for me. Do I want to read about your journey? YES! Seeing other people being successful motivates me more than many experts do. But please do not pretend to be an expert and be careful of the advice you give. Remember what works for you, may be deadly for me!

journey in my shoes

Having said that, I do talk about my journey here. I do not claim nor ever pretend to be a weight loss expert. I am someone who has struggled both physically and emotionally with keeping my weight off for just about my entire life. I hope that by watching my journey, others will not feel alone. Maybe something I’ve tried will work for you, but if it doesn’t, try something else. You are not a failure! You just now know one more thing that doesn’t work.

Let’s Talk about weight loss expert!

Who do you consider a weight loss expert? Do you seek the advice of weight loss experts or your friends who have lost weight?