Just bear with me for a moment, I will explain how Netflix helps with goal setting. But first, let’s talk about visual goal setting.

Setting goals with Netflix and vision boards. Find streaming shows to help you set and achieve your goals. Visual goal setting with Netflix. #StreamTeam #spon

Setting Goals With Vision Boards

I’ve discussed using vision boards several times in the past. Having something visual in front of you reminds you daily of what your goals are. Going through the process of creating the vision board can also help you refine your goals. Visual goal setting can be done in many ways.

Here is a Pinterest board with several vision board samples including one created for Netflix.

Follow Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life’s board Vision Board Samples on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out the DIY “Create Your Own Destiny” Vision Board with Netflix instruction.

Visual Goal Setting With Netflix

Now you have created a vision board and you have it in front of you every day. What other tools can help you with visual goal setting? Visualization also involves imagining yourself completing those goals. Imagine what you will look like and feel like when you have reached your goals.

This is where Netflix can help you. It may be difficult to imagine something if you are unsure of what is involved. For example, my girls want to be dancers. Watching shows about dancing helps them visualize themselves in those same roles.

Here are some great shows to watch for different goals.

Becoming a Dancer

Watch Dance Moms on Netflix to help you visualize becoming a dancer. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard

Dance Moms may have a lot of drama, but it does show how hard the girls work to be top notch dancers. Both of my girls like to watch Dance Moms not for the drama, but for the dancing and seeing girls like them themselves excelling in dance.

First Position is all about ballet and how difficult it is. It takes a lot of dedication and practice to be a ballerina. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard

First Position gives dancers a first hand look at the inside world of being a ballerina.

Dance Academy shows you the dedication it takes to be the best of the best in dancing. #streamteam #visionboard

Dance Academy give you a look at a school for dancers. These dancers are giving it their all to be the best of the best.

Visualize Becoming A Gymnast

The Gabby Douglas Story shows how hard you have to work to become a gymnast. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard

The Gabby Douglas Story is a documentary showing how hard Gabby Douglas worked to become the first black gymnast to win the All-Around Championship in the Olympics.

The American Girl story of McKenna who wants to be a gymnast. Goal setting by visualizing what you want to be. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard


McKenna is an American Girl story. McKenna wants to be a gymnast and it takes a lot of dedication and determination.

Become a Baker

Cupcake Wars will show you all the skills you need to become a first class baker. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard


Watch Cupcake Wars and you will find out all the skills needed to become a top notch baker. There is definitely a lot of artistry that goes into baking.

Running a Business

Undercover Boss shows all sides of running a business. From CEO down to the janitor. Find out what it takes to run a business. #StreamTeam #VisionBoard


Undercover Boss shows all sides of running a business. Find out what it’s like to be the CEO and the janitor. This show also shows the back side of many different businesses. It’s really fascinating to see how a business is run.

Have you created a vision board for 2015? What shows or movies do you watch to help you set your goals? Netflix has a huge variety of shows and I’m sure you can find something. Let me know in the comments below what you watch. 

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