Shape Up With Ubisoft Shape Up for Xbox One #UbiStar #Spon

This is a Ubisoft Shape Up sponsored post.

When it comes to working out, if I’m doing something that doesn’t feel like I’m JUST working out, then I’m more likely to do it longer. That’s why I love the Xbox Kinect workout games. I have been working out with the Ubisoft Shape Up game and I love it.

Get Fit with Ubisoft Shape Up for Xbox One Kinect #Ubistar Spon

With the Xbox and Kinect, you do not need a controller while playing the game. I use the controller when I’m going through menus only because it feels more natural for menus so I can do it without thinking. But when I’m playing the games, I love not having to hold anything. For workout games, that also means you can hold a weight in your hand while doing the workouts.

Ubisoft Shape Up to Get Fit

I’m working hard this year to get my body back into shape. I’m participating in a competitive Biggest Loser game this summer so I can not let down my team. In addition to running 4 times each week, I plan on doing the strength workouts 3 times/week with Ubisoft Shape Up.

Ubisoft Shape UpThe workouts get progressively harder and each week. I like that I can play against myself. I usually pick my high score game and try to beat it. The competition part keeps me working hard. If I see that I’m not working as hard as a previous game, it pushes me to do more.

Ubisoft Shape Up Weekly ProgressThere is also a cardio quest and sometimes I’ll do that if I can’t get out to run that day, but I for now, I’m just working on the strength. Some of the workouts use weights, but if you don’t have weights, you don’t need them.

Ubisoft Shape Up #UbistarYou can either work through the weekly quests or just play some games against someone else or yourself. Sometimes my daughter and I will challenge each other.  The time seems to fly by even faster when I’m playing against a person standing next to me.

Ubisoft Shape Up Weekly Program

You can see your overall statistics to see how far you’ve come. I’ve been doing this for about 8 weeks, 2-3 times per week and I definitely feel the difference. Some of the games that I could hardly do 8 weeks ago, I find are easier now. The workouts are NOT easy. I’m sweating a lot while doing these workouts.

Ubisoft Shape Up for Xbox One Kinect #Ubistar #spon

The Ubisoft Shape Up (affiliate link) for Xbox One does require you have Kinect. It’s definitely worth buying if you are looking for an additional workout option. I received the game from Ubisoft, but I did pay to add all the additional games. These feel more like games than workouts.

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