Tips To Make Your Home Comfortable For Holiday Guests

Dining room table ready for holiday guests.

This is an Aprilaire sponsored post. 

Are you having guests over the holidays? The holidays can be a difficult time to regulate your home’s comfort level. Our family deals with different allergies, pets, asthma and people with different temperature preferences.

I’ve partnered with Aprilaire to help you make your home more comfortable for your you and your guests.

Dining room table ready for holiday guests.

4 Tips To Make Your Home Comfortable For Holiday Guests

The holidays can be stressful. How your body feels can either add to your stress or help it. Your winter wellness should be your number one priority. Taking care of yourself will help you take care of your guests.

These tips will definitely help your guests, but it will also help you.


When we have guests over the holidays, we do a lot of cooking. We bake cookies during the day, make pizzas for lunch, lasagnas for dinner. The oven is going all day long. That adds a lot of heat to the house. I use the scheduling feature of my Aprilaire thermostat to lower the temperature during the day and increase it in the evening.

If you do not have the scheduling feature on your thermostat, set a reminder to lower the temperature in the morning and to increase the temperature at night.

Preparing home for holiday guests. Cooking a lot can change the temperatures in your home. Adjust accordingly.

  • Put a fan and extra blankets in the areas where your guests will be sleeping. If they are too warm or cold, they can make the adjustments.


You may think that humidity is only a problem in summer. That’s too much humidity. In the winter, the problem is low humidity. Have you touched something and gotten a shock? That is low humidity.

It also can cause other problems:

  • Dry skin
  • Scratchy throat
  • Dry eyes
  • Nosebleeds
  • And more….

The comfortable levels of humidity should be between 30-50%. We have an Aprilaire humidifier and I use the app to watch the levels. I do have it set to automatically kick in if the levels get too low, but I still will check it more often when we have guests because the variables are different.

Prepare your home for holiday guests

  • Have your furnace, humidifier, dehumidifier and air purifier check twice every year. We have ours checked before the holidays to be sure nothing happens while we have guests.

Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home will make a HUGE difference in your health and how you feel every day. If your guests deal with allergies or asthma, an air purifier will make them more comfortable.

The air purifier will reduce the pet dander, mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air. That could help keep you and your guests healthy. Believe me, they will love you for that.

Aprilaire Pure Fit Promise guarantees a filter that was not only made to fit flawlessly into your Aprilaire system, it guarantees purer, healthier air.

Use Aprilaire filters in your Aprilaire products.

  • Be sure to change the filters on your furnace before your guests arrive.
  • Ask your guests about any allergies they suffer from so you can be prepared.
  • There are plants that help purify the air. Put these in your guest room.

Clean Everything

I know this may seem obvious, but I take this time of the year as an opportunity to winter clean. It’s like spring cleaning but in the winter. Here are all the things that could be done:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with an allergen filter.
  • Wash all pillows, blankets and vacuum the mattress.
  • Vacuum furniture where your gets will spend time.
  • Clean your fireplace.
  • Dust blind and vacuum or wash curtains in the guest rooms.

Prepare the guest bedroom for holiday guests

The best way to get this all done is to prepare early. Start now so you can enjoy your guests. If you are all more comfortable, you visit will be more pleasant.

What tips do you have for preparing your home for holiday guests?

Disclose: This is an Aprilaire sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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  • Humidity levels in my home have also caused me to get severe dry eyes! Buying a dehumidifier and bring the levels down really fixed this. Great post!

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