We all have at least one techie in our lives. For me, being a techie means everything I do has a “tech angle,” whether it’s blogging, working out, reading or cooking. When I figure out the tech angle for something, then it’s interesting. For example, running…I hated running until I discovered that Nike had an app and I could track my progress. Now I’m a runner and finished a half marathon this year. I digress….

Back to my tech gift guides… If the techie in your life is a tech mom, blogger, tech kid, gamer, fitness techie, grandparents, tween, tween, family or digital scrapbooker, then I have a list for you. If you have any ideas or would like your product added to the list, send me an email (michele@scrapsofmygeeklife.com)

Without further adieu, my tech gift guides….

Tech Gift Guide

for Tech Moms

If your Mom is like me and prefers digital to diamonds and gadgets to gold, then the Tech Moms Gift Guide is for her. There is nothing like the smell of a new gadget or unwrapping that brand new laptop.

for Bloggers

Bloggers need to use gadgets to capture pictures, videos and to keep on blogging. Here is my Bloggers Tech Gift Guide.

for Kids

Our kids live and breathe digital. It is second nature and they don’t even think twice about using technology. It is their reality and I feel it’s my job to teach my kids how to use technology to enhance their lives (and use it safely.) Here is my Kids Tech Gift Guide. There area a few non-tech items that my kids LOVE too.

for Gamers

It’s kind of obvious that gamers would be into technology, but if you are not a gamer and have a budding gamer or seasoned gamer on your list, here is the Gamer Tech Gift Guide.

for Fitness Techies

I am not just into fitness, but I’m into fitness technology. The only way I run is if I can use my Nike+ AND Runkeeper to track my runs. If I can’t use technology during a workout, it’s no fun. If you know someone like that, there is the Fitness Tech Gift Guide.

for Scrapbookers

Whether you are a digital or paper scrapbooker, technology will help you tell your family’s story. Here is my (Digital) Scrapbooking Tech Gift Guide.

for Families

Each year we buy a tech gift for the whole family. Something everyone gets to enjoy. Here are a few of the tech gifts we have enjoyed. My Family Tech Gift Guide.

Family Tech Gift Guide

for Teens and Tweens

I have both a teen and a tween in my house, so I asked them what are the MUST HAVE items on their list. My Teens & Tweens Gift Guide.

for Grandparents

Are your grandparents tech savvy at all or do you need to help them upload the pictures from their camera? My Grandparents Tech Gift Guide has gifts for both.

There you have it. A tech gift guide for everyone on your list. Let me know if you have a gadget I can add to the list. I’m always looking for good idea.