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Striiv (affiliate link) is a personal trainer in your pocket and will change the way you view fitness. I had the opportunity to see a demo of Striiv at the Zebra/Blogging Angels Breakfast at BlogHer and I was blown away. I can’t even describe it and do Striiv justice, so go ahead and watch the Striiv video.

Striiv in Action

How awesome is it to be more active and help a charity at the same time. I think the game aspect of the Striiv is a great motivator also. I know that I tend to be more active when I am tracking my activity.



Striiv Device

Now that I have the Striiv and have had a chance to try it out, it is a lot of fun and the competition definitely keeps you moving. I have had some issues with the Striiv staying on my pants. I do not wear a belt and I wear mostly leggings. The Striive is bigger than your average pedometer and is always falling off my pants. You can use it in your purse or pocket also which helps when I have my purse or pockets.

But I love knowing that if I am more active with Striiv, I will not only be helping myself, but also others.

Disclosure: I received the Striive to try out, however I was not asked to do a post. I have doing it because I feel it is a great product that will benefit you. All opinions are 100% my won. 

Let’s Talk About the Striiv!

Do you track your daily activity? How do you feel about helping out a charity while being more active?