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I am not a runner.

That is what I spent my life telling myself. In school, I did everything I could to get out of running the 12 minute assessment run every year. I hated running and convinced myself I wasn’t good at sports and definitely NOT a runner.

I am not a runner!

Fast forward about 20 years, I am still convinced I am not a runner. My kids are in a new school and they need to raise money for a playground. The big fundraiser is a 5k race (5k run/walk.) I decide to sign up for the run so I would count for the numbers for our school, but I had no plans for running a 5k….

I am not a runner!

My brother-in-law offered to run with me, but that meant I would have to run. Now what?  I figure I’m in good shape. I workout 5 times/week and I can keep up with the Turbo Jam workouts. I decide I will run this one 5k race and that’s it.

I am not a runner!

Race day arrives and I’m scared to death. How am I going to do this? The race starts and I’m running. Yep, me, I’m running a 5k. The first 1/2 mile is a breeze, then I freeze up. I realize I have to run 3.1 miles. How am I going to do this? Fortunately, my brother-in-law is not going to let me quit. He talks me through the times I want to quit. I am running a 5k. But remember,

I am not a runner!

I am at the 3 mile mark and I can see the end in sight. I see the finish line. I get this huge burst of energy (from where? I have no idea!) and I bust through that finish line. I just finished running a 5k race in 37 minutes (without any 5k training.) Someone hands me a medal. For me? It can’t be!

I am not a runner!

It is so easy to go through life always doing what is comfortable. Never taking risks and breaking out of our comfort zone. Running a 5k taught me that trying something new is scary, but is so worth it. If I can run a 5k race, think of all the other things I can do. All those things I’ve told myself I can’t do. Like speaking in front of an audience. I can’t do that. No wait, I can (and I have.)

That one 5k race has changed me. It should me that I can. The following year, I did 5k training and my 2 older kids ran with me. I wanted to show my kids that they can too. I am now training to run a half marathon this year because….


Running a 5k

Let’s Talk!

Tell me about a time you broke out of your comfort zone. How did that change your life? Any plans for running a 5k?