Disney Marathon
Image by Melody Kramer via Flickr

OMG! Did I really put that up there? Am I really going to be a distance runner? Well, yes I am! I’m a little freaked out by seeing it in black and white. But let me step back for a quick moment and tell you how I got here (I’ll make it short).

I Hate Running!

All my life I’ve been asked if I am a runner because I have really muscular calves and my answer was always “NO WAY! I am NOT a runner.” I hate running! A few years ago I started on a journey to a healthy lifestyle that has taken me to places I never expected. Then I found the EA SPORTS Active fitness product for the Wii which led  to me running a 5k this past October with my 2 oldest kids. I loved it! That feeling I had at the end of the 5k when I knew I had accomplished something I thought I’d never do was AWESOME!!

Somewhere in the back of my head, I wanted more, but I was afraid to say it out loud.

I Love Running!

I’ve been sharing my new love of running with everyone who will listen to me, so when Fiona pointed out the Inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I thought she was crazy! Me run a half marathon? Well, maybe! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. Fiona Bryan (@BanteringBlonde) promised to run with me and train with me AND running at 10 pm in Disney and an after party at Epcot does sound like a lot of fun. So, the next phase of my healthy lifestyle journey has been set.

You Love Running!

Today, on MomActive we’ll be launching the first in a three part training series for people of all fitness levels. Even if you have never run before, you CAN run a half marathon. We have 5 1/2 months before the half marathon on October 2nd and we will be breaking up our training into smaller goals. We will offer nutrition and training information and supporting each other in our mutual goal of running a half marathon. If you are interested in joining us, be sure to sign up for the MomActive newsletter so you won’t miss out on all the fun.


Today, Fiona and I will be announcing a new partnership to bring MomActive to a new level! In addition to the 3 part running series, we will join forces to offer support for our mutual goal of living a MomActive lifestyle. Whether you join us in running a half marathon, run a 5k or begin a new healthy lifestyle, we will off full support along the way.

Are you with us?

Shout it out loud here in the comments. Once you say it out loud, it becomes real. We will hold you accountable.